Our Commitment to You

We understand that moving in doesn’t mean our job is done as your custom home builder.  We stand behind all of our projects with a warranty based on the National Association of Home Builders Residential Performance Guidelines.  This one of the industry’s highest standards of acceptable construction standards for Builders and one that’s consumer-friendly and easy to read.  It gives a clear and distinct description of what is acceptable construction and what is not.

At completion we accompany you on a comprehensive walk through and provide a homeowner’s manual which includes appliance/manufacturer warranties, a digital copy of your home plans, and other applicable information for your reference.

Homeowner Orientation

We don't just hand you the keys at the end of construction. We help homeowners understand the simplest to the most complex systems in the home with the help of our Homeowner Orientation.

Punch list complete, or dinner's on us.

We will complete any outstanding items within 30 days of your move in or you enjoy dinner out on us!

12 month walk through

During the first year any home will expand and shrink. After 12 months we come back to address any cosmetic items that need attention. From nail pops to cracking grout, rest assured we are here to make sure the home looks great for the years to come.

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