Thanks so much for building our home!  When we decided to move from Richmond, I declared that we would not build a home because we needed to focus our attention on transitioning our kids to a new school in a new city.  After George, Steve and Cheryl, Simon and I completely changed our mind and decided that very week to build with Tradition - knowing we were taking on the daunting task of building a home in one city while living in another.  Amanda's help with selections was amazing - and I don't think I'd build again without 'an Amanda'!  She asked questions, looked at photos from our Richmond home, and helped us select options that were both in line with our style and within our budget.  We know how hard you guys pushed to get us in our home on time (despite uncontrollable events like superstorm Sandy).  Lastly, having been in a number of other new homes since we've moved, we very much appreciate the 'quality' that goes into a Tradition Home - both in the details we can see and those that we can't. 

Kristin Conklin & Simon Moir

I just wanted to say "thank you" for all the warranty/follow-up work you guys did. So again, thanks for everything and I wish you guys the best of luck on all your wonderful new homes!

Todd & Karen Reichert

We are satisfied customers.  We are following all of your construction in the area - great homes.

The Swans

You guys have been a pleasure to work with and we are very happy to be in the home stretch now, on time, and with such a beautiful new house.

Kipp & Brenna Snider

We absolutely love our new home and the whole process couldn't have gone any smoother or better. We still get tons of compliments from everyone that goes by.

Karen & David Duhamel

At the one year anniversary of our Tradition Home, I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about your incredible thoughtfulness, financial finesse, and openness when helping us. I still remember walking the lot with you, listening carefully, and deciding at that moment to take the plunge. You were so right, and for that I thank you.

Petra Jelonnek & Don Thoma

From the beginning, we had a wonderful experience in purchasing our new home.  The warranty and customer service were fantastic.  We have lived in our home for over two years and continue to be impressed with its solid construction.  Given the opportunity, we would work with Tradition Homes again.

Chris & Claudia Covell

We’ve been the proud owners of our Tradition home since 2007. Both then and now we love the architectural features and details Tradition selected – from the welcoming front porch, to the unique interior architecture, to our unique red roof – we love it all so much that, we haven't changed a thing!  The folks at Tradition care about what they do and it shows!

Julie & Mike Ciatti

We recommend Tradition Renovations without reservation.  Tradition helped us design our multi-room basement renovation, recommended and scheduled all the necessary contractors, and made sure the project was done on schedule.  Tradition managed every aspect of the project and worked hard to ensure there was as little disruption to our life as possible.  The quality of work and customer service was outstanding. Any future renovation projects we have will be done by Tradition!  

Michael & Jennifer Ruggerio

We love the design and are very impressed with how well it works for daily life as well as how nice it looks.  Little things occur to me from time to time about how good an eye George has for things like siting on the lot and proportion.  George’s idea to put the side entrance in and my porte cochere have worked very well for us.

TJ & Mary Pat Sullivan

While I have heard stories about folks who had adversarial relationships with their builders, ours with Tradition Homes was quite the opposite.  They were a true partner who always went the extra mile to make sure the home met our expectations.  More specifically, they architected a perfect home for our lot, were quick to come up solutions for any challenges which arose during the construction process, and also provided invaluable interior design advice.  The end result is everything we could have hoped for: a beautiful home which was delivered on time and on budget.  Thank you George, Steve, Cheryl, and Amanda – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Chris Krackeler & Suzanne Madden

My only reservation is I don't think I can adequately express how happy we are with this house.  Just last night we were sitting on the front porch and commented how much we liked the ceiling fan . . . observing that it was just another of those extras that you added to the house.  The longer we live here, the more we notice things that Tradition did to make it an exceptional house.  In fact, friends who have built custom homes have observed things like the incredibly beautiful woodworking and high quality fixtures that aren't normally found in spec homes.  It has become clear to us that Tradition builds its homes with quality and longevity in mind.  Working with the Tradition Homes team is another added bonus. I could go on and on with all the pleasant surprises that we've encountered since moving in . . . THANK YOU.

Annette & Jonathan Barr

When we decided to renovate the exterior of our home, we met with several contractors, but only one, Tradition Homes, understood our goals from the very beginning. We were impressed with the beautiful renovation Tradition Homes had completed for our neighbors, and, therefore, we were anxious to transform our 1970's style house into a home we could be proud of. Tradition Homes helped us achieve that goal. They performed all of the work within the budget we had set, and within the agreed upon timeframe. The only surprise was that there were no surprises! Every employee was a professional, worked hard, was patient, and treated us with respect. The entire project was a success for us, and now we enjoy sitting on our front patio, admiring our beautiful home! Thank you Tradition Homes!

Jane & Brendan Ryan

For us, building a home was much more than a design and construction project.  We knew success hinged on having strong relationships with the Tradition Homes personnel who were responsible for every phase of the endeavor, with clear, open communication and understanding.  That’s the Tradition difference – the people

John Sampson and Kathryn Sheller

We first considered Tradition Homes when we were ready to knock down and rebuild our house because they came so highly recommended by friends who had recently built a house with them. After meeting the team, we were thoroughly impressed with their vision, detailed plans, comprehensive services and great staff so it was an easy decision to move forward. Our overall experience from start to finish was so smooth, stress-free and exciting that we in turn recommended their services to other friends who are currently building a new Tradition Homes house. We love our new home and continue to recommend Tradition Homes to anyone looking for a local and experienced design-build firm that produces high-quality, beautiful houses.

Michael and Anne Betz

Two of the biggest potential stress areas when doing an addition are time and cost overruns.  Not only did Tradition keep to their promised time commitments, our cost increased by less than 2%. In addition, these guys stand behind their work and if there is any type of issue, they will make it right. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Matt Smith and Terry Stecher

We are enjoying our newly renovated home in North Arlington.  The house is now much more appealing inside and out because of Tradition Renovations' new architectural design of the house front and porch, and the extensive interior renovation.  Thanks to the new first floor configuration, we now use all four rooms on the main floor instead of only using two rooms, and the open floor plan makes it feel more spacious.

Jim and Nancy Ketcham-Colwill